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Wondering which method of decoration is best for you?

Find out about the styles of embroidery and printing we offer below or email your artwork to [email protected] for some advice.



Embroidery is our most popular method of garment decoration. Our embroidery gives you a timeless, professional feel using quality threads which can withstand high temperature wash cycles, rubbing and chlorine bathing. It is highly durable, making it perfect for workwear, school wear, sportswear and other personalisation.

Embroidery works well on a very wide range of garment types and styles, however we would recommend avoiding heavily padded, textured or fluffy items.


Vinyl and Transfer Printing

Vinyl and transfer printing is our lead method of printing. It involves using a durable vinyl which is heatpressed onto the garment with great results. Vinyl and transfer printing is suitable for most designs and personalisation as we are able to offer both one colour vinyl printing, as well as full colour including half tones and fading with a bright and vibrant finish.


Direct to Garment (DTG) Printing

DTG printing is the process of printing full colour images and logos onto a variety of cotton based garments. The cotton content in the garment can have as much of an impact on the final result of the image as the artwork itself - we recommend note going below 80% cotton content for the best results.

We are happy to recommend our favourite garments that we have tried and tested this method of printing on. Unlike screen printing, DTG is perfect for short runs of full-colour prints, with no minimum order, for a range of clothing. 

One great advantage of digital printing is the softness of the print, this can make a massive difference to the feel of your item if your design uses a large block of colour.

For best results artwork needs to be a high-quality png, pdf or vector file. Maximum print size for DTG printing is 14" x 16".


Screen Printing

Screen Printing is the ideal process for printing a large quantity of garments with a minimum order quantity of 25. We can print onto both cotton and polyester fabrics in multiple colours, so even the most complicated of designs can be catered for. This method however, does not work well with faded and tonal colours - for these logos and decoration, we recommend using DTG or Transfer Printing instead.